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TAG Heuer Flagship Store - Oxford Street - London

Our most recent installation was of a Bose audio system using DS40SE speakers and a 6m wide,

10 screen video wall using LG's ultra-thin bezel high brightness screens

with a bezel of just 0.9mm per screen.

Bright Sign media players were used to play 4k video content synchronized over the wall.

TAG Internal 1.jpg

TAG Internal.jpg

Petersham Nurseries - King Street - Covent Garden

One of our latest projects is Petersham Nurseries in the heart of Covent Garden.

A retail outlet and delicatessen on King Street, to be followed shortly by two

restaurants and bars on the same site, which Smart Sense will also designing

and installing the music systems for.

All areas feature Bose Freespace DS100 and DS40 speakers,

along with Cloud multi-zone mixers and amplification,

remote volume and source selectors and Bose EQ cards.

Front of Nursery.jpg

Inside Nursery.jpg

de Grisogono - New Bond Street - London

Our latest project to be completed was in Mayfair was for a Swiss luxury jeweller.

We were approached to design and then implement

a small integrated audio visual system.


Amina 'invisible' plaster over speakers were installed in the three areas

of the boutique, powered bya Cloud 46/50 zoned mixer amplifier.

This allows each area to select its own music, at its own volume,

be it CD, MP3 or any of the audio associated with each area's TV screen.

 Three LG commercial screens were installed, all controlled by a single

AMX wall controller, allowing the client to switch all screens

on or off at the touch of a single button.

 Visual content was delivered by three Bright Sign media players,

which can have content remotely uploaded locally or from Geneva,

and scheduled to play in advance. The screen above the fireplace is behind

a mirror, meaning that images can be seen when the screen is in use,

but can be used as a mirror for clients to view pieces prior to purchase if required.


de Grisogono first fix.jpg 

 Mirror TV off.jpg Mirror TV on.jpg




Chapati & Karak restaurant - Brompton Road - London

A background music system was designed and installed for the first UK venture for the Middle East based restaurant and coffee outlet.  Installed with the speakers mounted above the rafts in the ceiling, meant an invisible but quality sounding installation.


Internal 1.jpg




Versace Collection, Versace First Line and Versace Versus - Westfield - London

Smart Sense were approached to design and install the background music systems for all three Versace brands within the Westfield Shopping Centre in London.

The Collection store had a rhomboid patterned ceiling, where standard sized speakers would not fit.  For this area the Audica Micropoint speakers were chosen, which were specially modified to match the ceiling and trough colour, and the 100 volt line system which was implemented across the store, in conjunction with standard Bose ceiling speakers outside the changing room areas.

Versus and First Line utilized Bose Freespace 16 ceiling speakers throughout.


Versus Westfield 1.jpg

Versus Westfield 2.jpg


Rhomboid Ceiling.JPG

Audica Micropoint speaker.JPG



Versace Collection Front.JPG

Versace Collection Internal.JPG


Bally - New Bond Street - London


Installation of a discreet Bose Freespace 3 system throughout three floors of this prestigious Bond St store.  Eleven sub units and multiple satellite speakers were carefully positioned to allow even full range coverage, yet maintaining and extremely aesthetic installation.

It is not possible to see any of the speakers that have been installed. 

The Bose speaker installation is powered by a Cloud front end, allowing remote source and volume selection on each floor, with all equipment centralized in a data rack in the basement.


Bally 4.jpg

Bally 1.jpg

Bally 5.jpg



Boodles - Chester

Installation of a flush Bose Freespace 3 system into Boodles newly refurbished Chester store.

The private sales area has independent control allowing separate sources or volumes depending on client preference.  

Boodle Chester - Front Door.jpg


Chester Internal 2.jpg


Pringle - Mount Street - London

Installation of a very discreet Bose background music system and a 75" LCD screen in portrait.  With the client making sure their video content was always rotated the correct way, the screen shows catwalk shows with models being full height, and not far off life size!


Pringle Exterior.jpg


Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 17.53 Resized.jpg



Solange Azagury Partridge - Carlos Place - London

Installation of a Bose background music system in this unique jewellery boutique.  Speakers were mainly installed in the walls rather than the ceilings, due to the listed nature of the building, and the decorative plasterwork within it.


Solange from Front.jpg


Solange Interior 1.jpg


Solange Interior 3.jpg




Phillip Lim & Carven - Pelham Street - London

Each shop had a background music system, designed with speakers installed

in discreet locations and a 'DJ point' which allows connection of an external

audio source on the shop floor, mainly for when a guest DJ comes to play a set.

Music is played via an iPod docking station and an output is supplied to the

telephone system, so the client's own music can be relayed to customers

who may be on hold via the telephone system.


In Phillip Lim a professional 42" NEC panel is installed behind a custom

built panel which allows the bezel of the screen to be completely hidden.

An infra red repeater kit allows control of the screen from a discreet location

meaning the screen remains flush and cutout in the wall is not needed for infrared eye.


Carven Shop Front.jpg

Carven Shop Front


Carven Interior.jpg

Carven Interior



Phillip Lim Interior 3.JPG

Philip Lim Interior


Phillip Lim Screen Resized.jpg

Phillip Lim Screen


DAKS - 101 Jermyn Street, London


Additions to an existing background music system, as part of the

refurbishment of the store in Jermyn Street.


Existing speakers were reinstalled, and new ones supplied and fitted

to improve coverage of the sales area.








Armani Exchange - Cardiff


New Logo (Cardiff).gif


Installation of a background music system to the first Armani store in Wales.


Similar in design to the two other Armani AX stores previously installed by Smart Sense,

the system consists of cabinet speakers disguised as part of the architectural

metalwork in the store, with network media player, multi-play CD player,

iPod docking station and two DJ points, where auxiliary sources




Harry Winston - Fine Jewellery Room, Harrods, London

Installation of a very discreet, high quality, background music system in the new

Harry Winston Salon, utilizing Sonance 'invisible speakers',

TOA amplification, and the client's own media player.


Photos show a Sonance speaker prior to final finishing (it is visible here!),

as well as images courtesy of Harry Winston of the finished Salon.


Once finished and painted, the Sonance speakers cannot be seen in a wall

or ceiling, yet sound amazing.


Sonance SA2 prior to finishing.JPG








Armani Exchange, Sheffield and Guilford


Installation of a background music system to the retail area with multiuple sources

including iPod dock, multi-play CD player, client's own networked media player

and two 'DJ points' to allow remote connection to the audio system for 

occasions when a specially invited DJ plays a set.





Boodles - Sloane Street, London

Installation of a Bose Freespace speaker system with ceiling mounted satellite and sub bass speakers.

The system was powered by a Cloud two zone mixer and power amplifier with

independent control over source and volume per floor.

Boodles Knightsbridge.jpg


Cartier, Old Bond Street, London

Installation of a simple but quality background music system using Sonance

'Visual Performance' ceiling loudspeakers with ultra thin bezels.






Chanel - Selfridges Oxford Street, London

Installation of a four zone background music system incorporating eight Sonance SA2 'invisible'

speakers, along with Cloud zone mixer amplifier and power amplifier in Chanel's

new 'fragrance bar' on the second floor of Selfridges on Oxford Street.

Remote source selection and volume controls were included in each area,

along with multi-play CD player and iPod docking station.

(Stock Images)










Armani Jeans - Westfield, East London

Installation of a background music system to the retail area, including Bose Freespace 

cabinet speakers, and ceiling speakers to the fitting room areas.Armani Jeans Shop.jpg



Amusement /Gaming Arcade, East London

Installation of a 6 camera CCTV system in a recently refurbished

adult gaming establishment.

(Stock images)



Slot Machines.jpg




Large Distribution Centre, Birmingham

Installation of a three level, pallet lift intercom, to allow users to contact each floor

to coordinate moving pallets between levels.


Also installed a replacement audio door entry system to distribution centre main entrance & reception.


Building Aerial.jpg




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