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Ronald McDonald House – Southampton Hospital

Public Address & Boardroom AV System

Smart Sense were approached to supply and install the zoned Public Address system and also the boardroom Audio Visual system for Ronald McDonald House at the Southampton hospital site.


 A TOA VM2240 system management amplifier was chosen along with a TOA five zone paging microphone.  TOA ceiling speakers were used throughout the building, to provide the site wide zoned public address system.


 In the boardroom an Extron presentation switcher was installed allowing floor boxes with VGA and HDMI connectivity, to be switched to a wall mounted LED display monitor. Four ceiling speakers provide high quality audio from the HDMI and separate audio input sockets.




RMDH - Rack.jpg


Cyclepods - Heathrow - Net 2 & CCTV

Installation of a Paxton Net2 networked access control system and CCTV system to cover the new cycle storage facility installed by Cyclepods at Heathrow Airport.


Users are provided with a 'tear drop' token that they can fit to their key ring which allows them access to the storage facility.  If they fail to pay their subscriptions, then the management who look after the bike storage have the ability to stop their token from working, meaning they have to come and renew their subscription before being allowed access again.


The Net2 software gives full event information, proving management with a complete breakdown of when the storage was accessed, by who, at what time, and how long they were in the unit for.  It also reports unauthorized access attempts to the control PC, situated in the adjacent building.


Two swan neck static dome cameras cover the entrance and internal area of the store, recording to a digital video recorder 24 hours a day, providing complete peace of mind for its users.


Heathrow Cycle Storage 1.jpg

Heathrow Cycle Storage 2.jpg


Amber Valley Council – Sound Reinforcement Extension

Recent planning application meetings had caused the public viewing area to become insufficient for the numbers of people wishing to attend meetings. Because it was not possible to expand the meeting space, Smart Sense were approached to provide an overflow sound reinforcement system to the entrance area of the building.

Because the meeting room was quite large, four ceiling boundary microphones were installed to provide general coverage, but also a feed from the meeting room’s sound system was included so that when the chairman or individuals were speaking, everything was heard clearly in the entrance overflow area.


Amber Valley.jpg

Amber Valley Council Chamber.jpg


Friary Grange Sports Centre - Lichfield

A new reception area, public entrance, and total refurbishment of the changing rooms meant that a partial re-wire and relocation of the existing public address system was in order.  Working directly for the council but under the main contractor, Smart Sense rewired two zones on the public address system and relocated the multi-zone paging microphone to the new reception desk at the other side of the building.   The whole system was then re-commissioned, including building wide pool alarm,

radio microphone, multi-zone paging system and music source.


photo 3 Resized.jpg


photo 7 Resized.jpg


photo 9 Resized.jpg


Changing Room.jpg




Pool through window.jpg



Red Carpet Cinema - Barton under Needwood

The Red Carpet Cinema at Barton Marina is a small independent two screen cinema and pizzeria / cafe bar.  Smart Sense were approached to design and install the background music system after the owners had heard the background music system at The Water Front bar on the same site, which Stephen Topliss of Smart Sense had also been involved in.


The music and ambiance of the pizzeria and cafe was very important to the owners who wanted to emulate the grandeur and opulence of the 1940's cinema experience.  Smart Sense recommended TGS Media as the provider of the music, as they created playlists of suitable music, which are constantly added to via an internet connection every month.  


Speakers were installed throughout the pizzeria and cafe bar, including toilets and also outside to cover the outdoor terrace.  Independent volume controls were installed to allow different levels of music inside or outside, or to stop the music from playing outside in the Winter months when the outdoor terrace might not be used.


Handler (1).jpeg


Handler (6).jpeg


Handler (8).jpeg




Perry Beeches ii - The Free School


Perry Beeches II.jpg


Installation of interactive whiteboard speakers to the first classrooms of this brand new school

(more to follow later) and a full sound system, electronic screen and projector to the hall.


The system was designed to be housed in a mobile 'flight case' to allow the equipment

to be used elsewhere if required, including Perry Beeches - The Academy,

the success story that has led to Perry Beeches ii - The Free School.


A fixed, 3500 lumen NEC projector displays onto a fully automatic 16:9, 3m wide projector screen.

As soon as the projector is powered up, the screen automatically drops to the desired height,

and retracts when the projector is turned off.


An Allen & Heath USB mixing desk, with QSC amplification, and a range of radio microphones

by Audio Technica have been supplied and installed.


Photos show The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP (Secretary of State for Education) at the school

on its opening day, with the bottom of the school hall projector screen

just visible in the background of the second photo.


Michael Gove  On Steps of PBII.jpeg


Michael Gove - Hall with Projector Screen.jpeg




Life After Stroke Centre - Bromsgrove

(Part of the Stroke Association)

Installation of a projection and audio system in one of the centre's meeting rooms.

A ceiling mounted projector was installed that when switched on

automatically lowers the ceiling mounted 2.4m electronic screen.

The system is available for use by pressing just one button.


An audio system was installed to allow sound from PC, DVD or radio microphone to be heard

clearly throughout the room, and integrated with the existing AFILS induction loop system.




Life After Stroke.jpg




Fairfax Secondary School, Sutton Coldfield

Installation of interactive whiteboard speakers to seventeen classrooms,

repairs to VGA cabling and sockets in three classrooms, and installation

of a 'Soundfield' sound reinforcement system to one classroom.






Retirement Apartments - Worcester

Installation of three AFILS induction loop systems into the communal lounges and bar area of 

of this high quality, newly built sheltered retirement development.


Aspen Retirement Worcester.jpg





'Cafe on the Green', Stockland Green, Birmingham

Installation of a background music, sound reinforcement and AFILS induction loop system.

The installation took place after the cafe had been refurbished, so hiding cables was

important to the client. Once installed, some of the cabling had to be pointed out to them!





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