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Sutton Coldfield Methodist Church Hall

The main 'Wesley' hall and one of the smaller community rooms at Sutton Coldfield Methodist Church were undergoing refurbishment, and the refurbishment committee decided that implementing AV was something that they needed to do.  Both rooms have had ceiling mounted projectors with audio and induction loop systems fitted.  An AMX control system has been fitted in each room allowing simple push button control for lowering/raising the screen, turning the projector on/off, changing inputs and adjusting the volume.


Both rooms have connection plates for HDMI, VGA and composite video, and also microphone inputs.  Due to the differing ways the large Wesley Hall can be used, full range JBL wide dispersion suspension speakers have been installed, meaning that it doesn't matter which way is 'the front' the sound is always distributed evenly and naturally.


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Christ Church - Summerfield


Christ Church in the Summerfield area of Birmingham already had an existing small manual screen on a swing out arm, and a projector that was temporarily installed on a mobile trolley.  There was a constant amount of setting up and fine tuning with the projector, as it was continually being moved or knocked out of alignment.  Smart Sense's brief was to install a larger electric screen onto the same swing arm assembly and install a projector that would project from behind the screen,

so to minimize the impact on worship.


This was all achieved with no damage to the fabric of the building, as all bracketary was either re-used or clamped in place, making it possible to remove completely in the future,

with no detrimental affect.


New low skew twisted pair cabling was installed from the control position at the rear of the Church to the projector, to account for the 50m cable run, which was too long to use standard VGA cabling. 



St Edmunds - Tyseley

St Edmunds in Tyseley, Birmingham were recommended to use Smart Sense's services by Christ Church in Summerfield (also in Birmingham), as they had a very similar issue with their projection system.  An existing small manual screen was used with a temporarily installed projector on a floor mounted stand.  Even with maximum keystone correction applied, the angle of projection was too great to create a square image, so the bottom of the image was much narrower than the top.


Because St Edmunds use their projection system to its maximum potential during every service, and also run cinema clubs for the local community, it was decided that a permanently hung screen was the best solution.


A fixed 2.0m wide screen was suspended on thin steel cables to give the affect it was floating in mid-air, and a new 5000 lumen projector was hung 3m down from the ceiling so a perfectly square image could be achieved.

All cabling was hidden inside the suspension bracket giving a minimalist installation.


The existing PC they ran their presentation software on only had a VGA output, so VGA cabling was installed, but redundant cabling was also installed so upgrading to HDMI in the future is just a case of un-plugging and re-plugging at the PC.


Rev'd Steve Simcox was overjoyed with the installation, and it was undertaken in time for their Christmas services, as you will see from the festive look of the Church in the photographs. 



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Alrewas Methodist Church, Staffordshire


Installation of a replacement sound reinforcement system, and AFILS induction loop system,

with over flow system in Church Hall.  The existing Church system had been installed by a

previous member of the congregation some years ago, and wasn't providing

the congregation with the quality of reproduction they thought adequate.


The existing cabling was re-routed to the rear of the Church, and new slim Audio Technica

gooseneck microphones installed for the Lectern and Pulpit, along with two

Audio Technica radio microphones (lapel and handheld).


 A new system was also installed in the adjacent Church Hall, which is sometimes

used as an overflow for very large services and funerals.


Another independent sound reinforcement system was installed in here,

again with an AFILS induction loop system.


The two systems were linked, allowing the Church Hall to be able to

relay everything that was being heard in the Church.


We are told that the congregation are extremely pleased with the

sound quality and overall installation of the system,

and wished they had asked Smart Sense to undertake the work sooner!


Alrewas - Outside.JPG



Alrewas Inside.JPG


Alrewas Lectern 2.JPG



Sutton Coldfield Coldfield Methodist Church, West Midlands

Installation of a projector and 3m screen, with additional fabric above the screen

 to allow correct viewing height. The screen housing was colour matched

to the rear wall to minimize its impact when not in use.


Audio system with four radio microphones, three fixed microphones, 10 microphone socket

positions for flexibility, CD player and the ability to record services for distribution.

AFILS induction loop system and speakers in other parts

of the building for Creche and overflow purposes.


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Please contact us with any queries or questions.